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Yehonatan Medical: Our story

Yehonatan Medical’s story began with the humble idea of improving medical and surgical equipment and has led to great achievements.
It all began when Dr. Michael Cohen founded Mofet Etzion in order to create and provide innovative defense solutions in the field of ballistics. His undisputed work made an impact on world industry leaders and local defense companies, as well as the IDF (Israel Defense Force). As part of Mofet Etzion’s cooperation with the IDF, Dr. Cohen took the 35th Paratrooper Battalion under his wing and became their mentor.
One of the activities Dr. Cohen and the commanders took part in included a visit to the Sheba Medical Center, where they attended lectures given by the hospital’s leading doctors. During one of these lectures, Dr. Cohen learned that the wires used for stitching wounds and organs, tear easily causing a myriad of problems. Hearing that the stainless-steel wires that closed the sternum tore was incomprehensible to Dr. Cohen and his mind raced to find a solution. A short time later he was invited to participate in an open-heart operation and he realized the openness of the medical profession to game changing innovations.
Dr. Cohen knew then what his next project was going to be. Together with his team at Mofet Etzion, they began creating innovative and revolutionary solutions in the medical field such as IVF, heart surgery, post-surgery infection prevention, and other surgeries, treatments and procedures. Together, they founded Yehonatan Medical. Since then, the rumor of new medical innovations and creativity has spread across the country, and today, all of Israel’s hospitals turn to Yehonatan Medical for collaboration and for cutting edge medical solutions that have never been seen before. Dr. Cohen holds the office of Head of Innovation and Technology at Yitzhak Shamir Medical Center (formerly known as Assaf Harofeh Medical Center), leading it to new heights.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the Sheba Medical Cardiac Center that welcomed us to the world of medicine and encouraged us to advance with our innovations. 
Today, Yehonatan Medical’s team continues to work on new and exciting projects that have changed and will change the medical industry forever and drive it further into the future. Yehonatan Medical’s single most important objective remains – to save as many lives as possible.


Our Valuable Team Members

Dr. Michael Cohen
Head Scientist

Prof. Gideon Cohen
Cardiac Surgeon
Head of Cardiac Surgery, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto.

Dr. Ari Naimark
Cardiac Surgeon

Yaacov Taube
Assistant Director

Nizan sela
VP of Operation

Nadav Nahmias
VP of development

Netanel Eitan
Product Designer

Talia Tubiana 
Project Engineer

Tel-Aviv University

Guy Epel

Project Engineer

Tel-Aviv University


Stav Priva

Project Engineer

Tel-Aviv University


David Levi

Project Engineer

Azrieli College of Engineering


Meir Kamins

Project Engineer

Azrieli College of Engineering


Gilad Shochat

Project Engineer

Azrieli College of Engineering




Content Designer



Dr. Neta Nahmias

  Internal Medicine 

Inselspital hospital –Bern, Switzerland


Harel Birenstock

Project Engineer

Azrieli College of Engineering


Prof. David Tiron
Cardiac Surgery
Toronto General Hospital

Prof. David Adams
Systems Chair

Cardiovascular Surgery. Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City.

Prof. Dan Aravot
Head of
Cardiac Surgery Department 
 Rabin Belinson Medical Center

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