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Sir Ken Robinson, a world leading expert on the development of creativity and innovation in business, wrote the best seller “The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything.” His belief is that we all have a place that is right for us and the moment we believe that we have discovered this place, we will be able to realize our maximum potential for ourselves and for the environment.

The Yehonatan Medical team, is at the cutting edge of the medical industry, supporting and changing the world of medicine. We are in continual contact with leading heart surgeons such as Prof. David Adams in New York and Prof. Tyron David in Toronto, as we march forward together towards a brighter medical future. Our group has built a technological unit specializing in advanced solutions and with this capability we flew to Boston in the US. Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, is a unique city whose population is only 10% of the whole state of Massachusetts, but 35 universities and colleges, amongst them Harvard, Brandeis, MIT and other Ivy league schools, house over 150,000 students in the area. It is clear that Boston is an enormous incubator of growth and innovation containing the best minds in America.

Even though thousands of high-tech companies believe and dream of pursuing their innovations in Boston, smart creativity is dependent on strategies that identify the best growth potential for startups. The purpose of our visit is to identify companies with interesting solutions which we can potentially interpret and incorporate into our own areas of development. We searched among these companies to find those which could analyze our heart valves. This will provide us with information to further benefit our products.

We are also on the eve of testing with the FDA and we will need to prepare ourselves for this very important step.

We have much to be proud of in Israel, which is considered to be a world-wide technological powerhouse dealing in many areas of technology, such as water technology, medicine, energy, communications, on-line payments technology and much more. The Yehonatan Medical Team is dominant in the area of heart and chest surgery, devoted to the vision of changing the life of patients suffering in these areas. We are proud of the wide choice of breakthrough technologies that we have developed and we will continue to research and develop on the basis of our existing patents towards sharing this information with our partner doctors and surgeons.  Among them are Dr. Ari Naimark and Dr. Ariel Farkash, researchers and talented and motivated entrepreneurs. But mainly they are specialist heart surgeons at Ichilov Hospital in Israel, thriving to heal their patients through the integration of scientific excellence and a unique talent for the technical development of medical apparatus. Their grand vision is for the future of medicine coupled with a sincere regard for their patients. They are our inspiration. Ari and Ariel are also our liaisons with Dr. Adams and Dr. Tyron David and are able to update these notable physicians regarding our activities while receiving advice from them for our innovations. All of this with the intention of changing the face of the world of medicine.

It is essential for us to invest in developing the area of heart surgery with the understanding that there is an urgent need for a different and varied point of view, one which uses our breakthrough technology. Our advanced technologies allow us to develop treatments which will answer the needs of millions of patients around the world and to this end we will continue to work side by side with experts in the areas of chest surgery from around the world.





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