Medica 2018 Exhibition

///Medica 2018 Exhibition

This week the Medica 2018 Exhibition opens in Dusseldorf, and the electrifying atmosphere of the technological revolution and the future of medicine is quite evident. We are all quite surprised by the amazing increase in the amount of international medical patents that are coming from the Eastern Hemisphere, marking a new wave of activity in medical technology. In the very near future, this will culminate in many meaningful breakthroughs in the medical technology industry, and meaningful improvements in medical care for all of us.
Research and development are represented here by Israeli companies that immediately recognize the need to act and create in a competitive environment and in areas of interest that require an immense investment in development of a wide range of products.
Nano technology is also warmly welcomed here, at the Medica 2018 exhibition: the possibilities we have today of dealing with the lone atom and building new molecules, permit prescribing infinitesimal dosages of medication and placing them in precise parts of the body. They are also needed for the early discovery of isolated cancerous cells in the blood stream. An aspiration all scientists share is the development of tiny machines that can individually manufacture a huge number of new molecules on demand. This new and “hot” medical technology draws a great deal of interest in the 21st century. These are some of the areas of technological breakthroughs that will greatly influence personal medical treatment in the upcoming years.
Tom Friedman, in his new book “Thank You for Being Late”, talks about a world that experiences changes very quickly. In cooperation between Google and NASA, under the leadership of Ray Kurtzweil and Peter Diamandis, he claims that there are three interconnected causes that completely change the world: technological change that influences sociological change, globalization that is being changed very quickly by technology, and demographic changes that are the basis for forecasting change in some of the models of futurists.
We are living in a time of great change regarding medical futurism that will merge the digital, physical and the biological. This will cause technology to blur the differences between these worlds, as the changes caused by these developments of medical futurism will often be dramatic and will often cause current technologies to become irrelevant even before the new technologies are fully available.
I look at the changes that have happened during the past few years in health and medicine as part of the revolution caused by digital medicine together with the creation of Deep Technology such as virtual reality and 3D photography.
The atmosphere here at the Medica exhibition and the meetings with the various representatives, after we’ve introduced ourselves as part of the medical creativity team at Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh), has created an immediate, deep sort of kinship and identification with the State of Israel that was magical, especially regarding the disciplines of surgery, cardiology and IVF. As a Jew and a patriot, I felt as if we are fulfilling a supreme mission and this feeling visits me time and time again.
The creativity and novelty are in our blood and I sincerely feel that our talents and abilities are no lesser than the large corporations that are represented here. I feel that we are in fact leading the world, as the meetings, the interest and the support of American firms in our medical developments is quite amazing, and the potential of the results of business contacts here is really quite impressive and can present us with entirely new possibilities when considering our future plans.
When there is a breakthrough with technological novelty, it changes and improves the status quo with new inventions that introduce special added value to the medical world. Yet we cannot predict the economic success of new technology or its potential dimensions.
Novelty is usually accompanied by technology and medical futurism that leads to the creation of new categories and new markets that transform the business environment, especially when you are able to create new ways of dealing with needs or problems. As a result, the traditional market changes to the point that the new category will dominate, while replacing and changing the traditional category and making it ever less relevant. One of the most effective and fascinating results of novelty is the transfer of solutions from one area to another. Exciting stuff!

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